Benefits Of Doing Yoga

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Benefits Of Doing Yoga


What are the benefits of  doing yoga? Yoga is a philosophical way of life that comprises various principles: behaviour towards others and oneself, lifestyle, body hygiene, physical exercises, work of breathing, meditation, spiritual quest and more. All these elements have their contributions to the harmony of the body and the mind of man with the world around him. In the Western world, yoga only covers a few stages which include; postures, breathing exercises and meditation. But these three branches are enough to bring many benefits to anyone who practices it. Below is the overview of the main benefits of doing Yoga.


Here Are Some Of The Top Benefits



We Breathe Better

In yoga, the breath is very important and coordinated with the movements. Some classes even include specific breathing exercises and breathe control. They help you learn to control your breathing better and also to purify and strengthen the body by “auto massaging” of organs” that are done by inspiration, expiration, and retention of air lungs empty or full. Also, breathing deeply, the brain but also blood, tissues, muscles are better oxygenated.


Strengthens Ones Back

Many postures soften and stretch the spine, which helps to “loosen” the vertebrae. Also, it tones and strengthens all the muscles that support the back, while maintaining a proper alignment of the body; However, excellent for preventing back pain of athletes. Regular practice helps to relieve tension in the upper back (neck, neck, shoulders), strengthen the dorso-lumbar area and the abdominal strap. Everything for a solid back!




Strengthens Joints

It mobilizes and activates all the joints (tendons and ligaments) and the muscles around them. Holding postures for several minutes relaxes the muscles and tendons and also makes them more flexible. Thus, the risk of injury is reduced because the joints are reinforced and more inclined to withstand the shocks and stresses of walking, descending stairs or even sports such as running for example.



Improves Posture

During practice, the focus is on body alignment, strengthening and flexibility of the back. Of course, we end up being more natural! Many postures also work balance. As a result, it improves its proprioceptive sensitivity (which allows the brain to naturally adjust the position and movements of the body in space) and performs more precise movements while minimizing the risk of falls and injuries.


These are some of the many benefits of yoga. Yoga can also be a great way to lose weight, stay fit, and be a major source of relaxation of mind and spirit. So why no consider trying yoga, who knows you may actually enjoy it and your life may become better for it.

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